Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I could get used to this

I'm kinda liking the idea that I don't have to go back to that particular place. (I found out recently that I'm actually not allowed to.) I cleaned out my desk last night and brought home all the detritus of six and a half years of my life at that place, and now I'm free of it. The DH is of the opinion that we can make do without my paycheck for a while, so currently I'm coasting, and I'm rather enjoying it. It's astounding, though, how my mornings disappear. BS (Before Squeak) I woke up fairly early, so my mornings were as long as my afternoons. Now, I don't get around to showering and breakfast until 10 or 10:30, and damn, then it's lunchtime, and before I know it, it's time to pick up the Bug and have dinner.


Attention, knitbloggers who live in warm climates, and knitbloggers who live in damn cold places but who have pictures of summer stashed somewhere: it's about time for the annual Warming Joan photo project. Start collecting photos of warmth, flowers, people in shorts, etc. Pick a day and post something that will warm Joan up despite the howling gales outside her windows, or post every day, until the snow melts and her garden starts bringing on the green again! (I'll start posting them on February 1, but you can start earlier iffin you wanna.)


Imbrium reminded me about Jonathan Coulton the other day. I am ashamed to say I'd forgotten. Some of my favorites, romantic ballads all:

Skullcrusher Mountain
I Crush Everything
The Town Crotch
Baby Got Back
Re Your Brains

Do go to each page and play them - you won't be sorry. (If there's not a link at the top to play the song, click the Download the MP3 link and it will play.)


Since I'm saving my flowers and park photos for next week, here are some others. First, you know you wish you were me.


Custom-created just for me by the talented Opal. It's quite possible I will never take them off. Sent with some sweet little stitch markers and some chocolate that got opened almost as fast as the earrings-package did. (I had to - when I started opening the package, Bug came over and said, "What is that present for me?" Heh. I had to share.)



Say what now?
say what now?

Hey Aunt Cookie...
hey Aunt Cookie