Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I remember you...

"...didn't you used to blog once upon a time?"

Yeah, so I disappeared for a bit. (ETA: interesting - I thought it had been much longer since I'd blogged.) I have all sorts of excuses, but the main two reasons are that the router died so I have to use DH's computer (and crappy monitor and standard keyboard) instead of my own (with its fantastic monitor and ergo keyboard) to access the internet. Plus I have to wait until he's not "working". The other reason is that I have no concept of days or times anymore. I actually have to look at the monitor to determine what day of the week it is. Today I woke up, dragged my overtired self out of bed and into the shower, got dressed in actual matching clothes, put on MAKEUP, dragged the baby to the doctor and said, "I dunno what time our appointment is, but I think it's 9am." She said, "No, it's 9:45. On Thursday."
Le sigh.
Double le sigh because I got laid off today so Thursday I have no health insurance, but I had it today.
Le sigh.
Le sigh.
Happily, DH seems to have jumped through all the Evel Knievel style hoops his old company set forth for him, and ostensibly has his first check on the way. Thank goodness, because I immediately searched the job boards and there are NO jobs in my field in my town. Alas. Or not really, cuz I didn't like my job. Wish I knew what else I was qualified to do.
Due to that fantabulous turn of events and some other crappy stuff that happened to my local knitbuddies, we are taking knit night to On The Border for guacamole and margaritas. I do not expect this to help me with the whole what-day-is-it thing.