Thursday, January 01, 2009

In the mood to start something.

But first, I am sucktastic because I forgot to blog about La's birthday (which was last Sunday) until JUST NOW. (Okay, that's not true. I remembered plenty of times, but I was either in the car, nursing a wee babe, or there were teenagers using my computer.)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LA! (Go now, wish her a happy birthday and tell her to post more cuz we miss her.)


I had thought that I was going to have my new year's knitting resolution be along the lines of ignoring WIPs, a la Joan, and that when a new project captured my fancy I was just going to GO for it. In fact, I was so wired about this idea that I decided to cast on something new on 1/1. I have 2700 yds (which seems like a lot, so let's call it half that) of sport weight soy chainette yarn in a dull gold, and I have 900 yds of Shine worsted (cotton/modal) in Terra Cotta that I'd originally bought to be Bombshell (I think, now that I see the yardage called for I'm starting to wonder, and it might be best in a yarn that has some memory anyway). I could do Broderie in the soy. I could find some other yarn to use for Picovoli, which I might be able to finish before my brother's wedding on the 31st. Maybe Mary Jane, sans boob-flattening stripe across bust? I could take my bit of Christmas money and go buy a whole whack of Silky Wool and knit something else entirely, but here's my problem. Nothing is calling to me. Help a girl out?


I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans today, thanks to the stomach flu and the breastfeeding. They aren't comfy, but they're buttoned. :-D



I think my little men look alike at comparable ages.


DH did indeed manage to get the floor in, and since the only one member of the couple in question came for Christmas Eve, we didn't have to go buy a new bed. He finished the floor with a whole day to spare, and I think he did a smashing job, don't you?



Finally, our trees are changing.