Sunday, January 18, 2009


The DH has been gone the last few days, driving his beloved truck north to his beloved daughter, who bought it and now I have one less beloved payment. He will be home tomorrow, and there's a chance I will survive his absence. (Yeah, I know women do the single motherhood thing all the time, successfully, and yeah, some guys too, but DAMN it's hard to go from doing almost nothing to doing it all.) I went to McDonald's playland, where the Bug announced, "I can't play here, because I can't play with girls." o.0 Then we went to the ice cream store (cuz Mama ate all the frosting in the house).

Since he didn't run himself into a long nap at McDonald's, I sucked it up and GASP went to the park. Bug took it easy on me and didn't run off like a maniac. (He did that once the other day, headed toward the pond, and when I started to run after him, the milk factories did what they are wont to do when I run without a sports bra, and the DH nearly split in two from laughing.) Happily the three little hoodlums (all of five years old each) didn't pick Bug when they decided to beat up a kid, and instead picked another kid whose mother should have thrashed the crap out of all three of them, since their own mother did nothing but continue to pick the grass off her sweater. (There's something wrong with a world when the kid who gets hit has to go home and the kids who did the hitting continue to play.)

Today, I actually COOKED LUNCH. And planned to COOK DINNER, including CUTTING UP RAW CHICKEN. These events are rare enough that they really should have little fireworks behind the text or something, but I am too lazy to look up how to do that. I went to the grocery store, people. And I didn't die! (Don't tell DH, he'll want me to go more often than once a year.) Also, remind me that if I want a big fat chocolate bar or some ridiculous brownie thing (or more frosting) I should prolly not go to the health food store. Dammit.

Now I might go knit. Or maybe I will go lay down somewhere and stare at the wall. Or maybe I will go find out why my kid is naked.