Sunday, February 08, 2009

A bit of crap, a little hate, and some Warm for Joan

First, the Warm.

(This was days ago - it's actually cool, gray and rainy today, which I love - will mean some fantastic allergies wildflowers for Joan.)

Second, the Hate.

I have discovered that I can EITHER have a life, or be caught up on the laundry, but not both.

(I said it was only a little bit.)

Third, the crap. (It's not really crap, most of it is awesome, but I'm tired of saying "Hey, I have some random stuff for you.")

Item 3.1 - Opal is way extra talented and I gots the goods, yo. (Ooh ooh, when I looked up her shop to link, I see she's having a sale!)

My photography does not do it justice. It's the perfect length, weight, sparkle, and it matches my earrings, though not the shirt I was wearing.

Item 3.2 - The other day, I went shopping at Ross, and when I stepped in the door, it was suddenly 1987. Sade was playing, and I was looking through such gems as these. Click for embiggenation, if you dare.

If you can't tell, the blue one has a tie painted on it, with a faux vest that says Rock and Roll. The white and black one is self ... (what did we call that, belted? tied?) with a plastic t-shirt ring off to one side.

Item 3.3 - Hey Cookie, I'm watching you.

And also, yes, I'm wearing neon orange eye shadow. And I'm rocking it.

Item 3.4 - I spend way too much time on YouTube these days. At least I haven't resorted to MAKING gems like these. Forget it. I can't even inflict this damage on you as a joke. Know that there are people out there with more free time, more access to bad music and lolcats, and less care for the rest of humanity than I have.

Item 3.5 - But I could watch this every freaking day and still laugh.

Item 3.6 - I will probably continue to embed videos in my posts until I get to the end of YouTube. And Vimeo.

Item 3.7 - Squishy sent me this (to show me the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing to her Texas Cheerleader Wedding) and it's too horrid not to share, point, and laugh. (As far as I can tell from various urban dictionaries, the use of which forever dooms me to geekdom, a chav is a white trash, gang banger wannabe, particularly one who leaves the education system and enters the welfare system at a young age. And a caravan is an RV.) I kinda wonder how the bride felt being interviewed for the "Outer Limits Tacky" article - if she took the "they're just jealous, cuz it was awesome" attitude, I might love her just a little.

Item 3.8 - I have actually been knitting a bit, and might soon have a looooong overdue FO.