Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bread fail, stoned children, and an ode to the letter K

I think I am the only person in the world (seriously, it's even in Finland) who hosed my loaf of 5-minute artisan bread. (I think it was too hot in my kitchen, and I left it out too long.) My grapefruit sized loaf remained grapefruit sized even after baking, but I ate it anyway and it was DE. LISH. US. Seriously, must do it again. (And it was dense as all get out, and I think I gained four pounds from eating my one-pound loaf. And I don't care.)


No, not my stoned children, and really, he was legally stoned by the oral surgeon. Remind me to bring a video camera to my kids' health appointments from now on.


Cookie (do I really need to link to her anymore? you guys know Cookie.) gave me the letter K to list ten things I love.

1. Knitting
2. Knitting lace
3. Knitting socks
4. Knitting sweaters
5. Knitting hats
6. Knitting wool
7. Knitting silk
8. Knitting alpaca
9. Knitting cotton
10. Knitting buddies

What, too easy? (You would be saddened to know how long it took me to realize, hey, KNITTING starts with K...)

Okay, the real list.

1. Knitting (duh)
2. Key lime pie
3. Koalas
4. Kayaking (seriously, I need a lake)
5. That you can attend KNIT school
6. Kissing
7. Karma (only when the bad stuff isn't aimed at me!)
8. My kids (OMG that took an embarrasingly long time to come up with)
9. Kauai (must go back)
10. Knitting (cuz damn, I couldn't come up with anything else!)


I'm playing the sock-club-from-stash game, starting on the first of March (hence, only doing ten). I have nine pattern/yarn combos picked out, and the tenth yarn. What pattern would you suggest for this?
ETA: nevermind!