Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Easily entertained

I set up for the sock club yesterday. Leaving aside the issue of how sad my memory is that by the time I finished wrapping these, I'd forgotten what was what (and in some cases, what I'd selected at all), how crazy is it that I'm so excited for it to be March 1 so I can give myself a surprise gift that I chose from items I already had? I mean really.

I am also entertained by the fact that it looks like I went crazy at the butcher shop.



Check it out! Tucson got three feet of snow on Tuesday morning!



When I was complaining about my bread fail, several of you suggested my yeast was old because it didn't rise. What I failed to explain (bread-fail-explanation fail!) was that it rose quite nicely when I first mixed the dough, and when I went to hack off a piece, it fell quite dramatically and never rose again. While that may also be a symptom of old yeast - domestic goddess I am not, so I dunno - it did at least rise SOME. I will be getting some fresh yeast anyway, just to make sure, but I think the fail was mine and not the yeast's.


Look, knitting!


Charades, done toe-up, with Wendy's Slip Stitch Gusset heel (PDF).
Started mumblemumble, finished 2/10/09
Yarn was some prototype Dizzy Blonde in the prototype Jenla colorway. (I think the Dizzy Blonde told me the current Jenla colorway is lighter.)
Verdict: Love. I put them on to take the photo and didn't take them off. The Charade stitch pattern makes for less stretchiness than I'm used to, so keep that in mind if you're going to make these, but they're lovely, warm, snuggly, fit just right (despite the fact that they're two different sizes o.0) and I'm so thrilled to BE DONE WITH THEM.


My kid thinks I'm weird. Amazing how astute the little buggers are, no?