Thursday, February 05, 2009

love and hate.

Things I love:

  • That my kid saw the ice cream truck at the park the other day and shouted, "Look Mama! The Song Truck!" and continued to call it that even after Daddy bought him ice cream from the window.

  • That the little battery-powered train ride that goes around the pond at the park is Bug's idea of high-living.

  • The way Squeak pops off after he's finished nursing, all milk-drunk, eyes rolling back in his head, milk dribbling from the corner of his mouth.

  • Taking advantage of the weather and the lack of responsibility to enjoy myself.


  • That when he's offered a gum ball from the box, Bug spends a good several minutes selecting the right color, going so far as to almost bite into one before he changes his mind and grabs a different one.

  • Velvety purple petunias.

  • Jackie Chan movies.

  • February in Tucson.

  • That people have no compunction about making fun of people who behave badly. (Warning, video NSFW, though the article is) I kinda want that on my iPod.

  • That after six tries, I believe the heel on my second La Charade is done properly and at least resembles what I did on the first one. (Notes would have been handy.)

  • That Squeak is finally starting to gurgle and coo like a happy baby, instead of alternating between "I'm having a giant poop" grunting, crying, and utter silence.

  • As much as I love Bug and Squeak, the DH had his nethers snipped yesterday and I will be pregnant no more.

  • The ribbon thing. Anyone know where I can learn this? (Note to Squishy: I'm wearing those teal/black hot pant things to your wedding.) (Prolly NSFW, but what do I care about that?)

  • That when that song started playing, Squeak grinned and cooed.

  • Somewhere a fun office environment exists (even if it's not *quite* this fun) and there are people who like their jobs. And I want to meet the SILF guy. And maybe steal his t-shirt.

    Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.(I know this is old, but it gives me hope.)

  • This idea. I am too late for January, and I will use February to finish up some SIPs (that's socks-in-progress, y'all) and take my time to arrange for ten packages for the rest of the year.

Things I hate:

Um, I can't think of anything right now.