Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If anyone has seen my brain, I'd like it back, please.

Two more days until the DH is home from his trip and I can go somewhere and be ALONE. (He thinks he's going to be all huggy and kissy and lovey and "I missed you so", but really, I'm going to chuck the kids at him and run away screaming for an hour.)
Toward that end, I let the Bug stay home from daycare today. o.0 (Please see title.)


I'm the only one in the JoanCookieOtteralong who hasn't flashed her Madli. Or her nupps. Actually, mine are not real nupps - they're fakes.


That color, while lovely on my monitor, is nowhere near the deep dark teal/marine blue of this yarn. I have no hopes of catching up with Ms. 20 repeats in a day or Ms. Poor me I only did 15 in a day. I'd be worried, but a) it's not a race, and b) someone has to finish last...

Look! Sweet peas! Stock! Petunias! Gerania! Green leaves and (achoo) pollen pods! (Click to embiggen.)


In other news, I'm enjoying the heck out of the slippin' stripin' socks. The laceweight makes them nice and squishy and the stripes hold my interest. (Nora said something about easily-entertained mouth-breathers the other day - count me in that group.) I have no pictures as yet because I forgot to take a picture while I had my camera in there and now I'm too lazy. I've turned the heel on the first one (subbing a short row heel for the called-for gusset and heel flap) so I hope to have a finished one to show off soon.