Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've had enough

Like robins heading north, the bloggers are showing the surest signs of spring: talking about exercise. Spring into Summer, 100 miles, Walk like an Egyptian (yeah, okay, I made that one up) they're everywhere. So now it's my turn to talk about it:


This year, I'm giving up on healthy diet and exercise. I flap my bingo wings at fitness. I stick my tongue out at mindful eating. I accept my fat! I love my rolls! (Bread AND belly!) I eat what I want and sit on my flabby butt as long as I want to! I consider cheesecake a breakfast food and "vegetable" is a four-letter word!



Eh, more cheesecake for me then.

(PS - I support you all in your efforts toward health and fitness, and weight loss if that is your goal. Just don't ask me to. I plan to love my body the way it is for a while.)