Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When times get rough...

...I do a little hooking on the side.
So, last time I said I was mostly monogamous. Less than 15 minutes after I hit Publish Post, I was getting out the yarn for not one, but TWO new projects. Sigh. (I hate to be pigeonholed.) For one, the yarn was the wrong size so I must swatch and math, and I have not done that yet. The other one, well...


My SIL saw a hat like this while we were in CA, and she so subtly suggested I make her one by saying, "You should make me a hat like that." I said, more or less, "No way." I couldn't get it out of my head, though, so I went to Ravelry and looked around for a pattern. You know, just in case, for later. Then I remembered I had some Classic Wool in the stash, so I got it out. You know, just in case, for later. Then I told y'all that I was a monogamous knitter, so my fickle little heart demanded that I start it immediately. Sigh.


The pattern was well-written, and I didn't change a thing, despite the fact that the brim took an act of faith. (It totally looks wrong while you're working it, but comes out okay in the end.)(ETA: if I were to make this again, and I might, I'd go up another hook size, but that's just cuz I'm a super-tight crocheter. Make of that what you will.)

The other thing I finished was my handspun. I estimate I got about 410-415 yds of 3-ply. It came out a bit thicker than I meant for, what with the blooming of the fiber, so I prolly could have done a 2-ply and been spot on. Still, it falls between STR lightweight and STR mediumweight (it's about 5.6oz), so I will still prolly use it for socks.


I'm pretty durn happy with it. Thanks, Blogless Lynn!

Oops, and for Cookie: sometimes you need purple cupcakes.