Thursday, May 28, 2009

Late with the weekly post

Because I'm late with everything. Sigh.
Still hanging in over here. DH has had all the testing that his PCP (an internist who specializes in diabetes) knows to do, so he's been referred to three separate specialists in an attempt to sort out what various and sundry maladies he has. The internist currently suspects an autoimmune disease, and possibly other lung yuck, but as we just got the referrals, we have no news. My dad had his knee replaced yesterday (FINALLY) after much drama and hassle. Mostly emotionally. His girlfriend/ex-wife (yeah, it's weird) is having a few mental issues that we suspect are stemming from medical stuff, so combine the fact that she was flipping out about the recovery period and Dad was flipping out about the procedure itself, it's a wonder it ever got done. The surgeon said he had ZERO cartilage left and scolded Dad for letting it go that long. If the recovery goes as well as they predict, we're all hoping he'll have the other knee done and get back to his hiking regimen. Maybe he'll even feel good enough to hike the Grand Canyon again when his two little grandsons are old enough that I trust they won't fling themselves off the trail into the abyss. o.0
Anyway, I am hanging in. Trying to take Bug to the park with relative frequency to make up for the fact that I am considerably less fun than a room full of friends at the daycare. He seems okay with things, and while Squeak is still not mobile I am okay to take him and let him run. I've even been chasing him a bit, though last night he hauled tuckus so fast on his little bike that I RAN most of the way home, and ended up needing advil and ice packs on my knees. (Sad little knees have had a hard hard life, even before I slapped a hundred extra pounds on them. They used to dislocate with great frequency and now are mostly held together with scar tissue.) If he gets any faster I'm going to have to get my old hateful bike down and tune it up.
Things like this have been making my days a little easier:

From scratch sticky buns using challah dough, from 5-Minute Breads Changed My Life, or whatever it is.

The other day I made a coconut cream pie from scratch, too, but I didn't get a picture. I've been going a little insane with the dairy, too. I have all the stuff to make my own yogurt, and have been considering making butter and cheese. Seriously, I googled local dairy farms. (Turns out there are not so many in Tucson.) I wondered who I knew that might have a cow. I think this staying at home thing might be getting to my head.

In knitting knews, I'm still working on Mary Jane. I also (finally) started May's socks, ya know, just in time for June. I'll pull June's socks on June 1, but we're leaving on June 4 to go see youngest stepdaughter graduate from high school (holy shit, where did the time go?) and I'm only taking Mary Jane and the May socks. Here's a question I have, though. If most people's feet are (generally) shaped like


why do we make sock toes like




The fit, it seems not so good. I'm trying slightly more organically shaped toes on these socks. I have no picture and am too lazy to get one, mostly because Squeak is squawking which means I have to finish this post and go feed him. With the organic baby food I make myself. Somebody, seriously, stop me.