Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hanging in.

Barely. June is turning into one seriously sucktastic month, my friends. I suspect it would be less so if the AC didn't require servicing, but right now it's been running all. day. long. and it is 82 degrees in my house and the temp is rising. If I'd been smart I'd have turned it up ages ago to save the strain on the motor, but I am not smart.

In knitting knews, Mary Jane is finished. More or less. The ends are all woven in (by holding them together with the new strand and knitting 5-8 stitches) but this is somewhat slick yarn, so I am still considering whether I want to weave them all in further. The yarn was cheap on eBay (here) and had several knots per skein, but given what I paid for it, and the fact that the whole sweater took 3.5 balls and I bought ten, I'm pretty happy with it. I still think I'm going to overdye it because Lynn in Tucson and the other gals from the knit night think it's chartreuse when I know it to be gold. I'm thinking either black cherry kool aid or deep forest green jacquard acid dye. Anyway, I won't do a "reveal" until I dye (or not), weave in ends (or not) and block it. Plus I need DH here since my camera doesn't work so great on a timer, and he'll be gone for a while yet.


That's the main reason for June's suckitude. DH checked into the hospital a couple of days ago to try to get the autoimmune stuff and valley fever under control. Since then he's been told he has an enlarged heart, he doesn't have an enlarged heart, he has thrush, he has vascular blockages, he doesn't have vascular blockages, his heart is strong, his right ventricle is under strain, he has a node in his lung, he has a hole in his lung, etc. Currently he's there waiting for a muscle biopsy and the beginning of his autoimmune treatment. If the autoimmune treatment doesn't help his breathing, he'll be having a lung biopsy as well, but for now they think the breathing problems are due to the wasting effect the autoimmune disease has on the major muscles (yay heart and diaphragm) of the upper body. Emotionally we're in a better place today than we were yesterday, when we were thinking he had asbestos-related cancer or something.

In the meantime, I'm hoping this turns into something good.