Monday, July 13, 2009

Effing ohs and late with the mail.

So, DH has been home for a few days now. That is my sole excuse for not posting since (checking) Wednesday. Huh, I thought it had been longer than that. Anyway, the first day or so he was home, I kept waiting for him to keel, and I think he did too. But he didn't, and each day he can do a little more, and breath just a little better. He's still very weak and sickly and on 5l of oxygen which limits his ability to travel (the tanks we have only last an hour at that rate of use, so we gotta hope the doctors are on time, for sure) but he's making steady progress. Even working on the computer a little bit and getting up for his own drinks and breakfast. (I still have to caulk the bedsore in his ass, though. I told him if he ever doubts my commitment, I will simply say, "ass caulk" and he will remember. Thank FSM it is almost healed.) (ETA to reply to kat's "shame on them": they treated it as soon as they knew about it, but he didn't tell them, he told ME. I found it while helping him shower, then reported it to the nurse over his objections. Then they got a sticky pad for him to sit on (he couldn't lay down at all or he'd drown in his own lungs) and I drew a face on it before they pasted it on. You might have an inkling why he didn't want anything said...)
In the meantime, as things are evening out and the boy is acting out much less now that daddy's home, I have had more knitting time. I effed an oh, people! I present my June PSC offering, Snow on Cedars mitts from a kit by Woolly Wonka fibers and Anne Hanson (details at the rav link):

(No, I didn't let my scissors disappear into the couch, and yes, I was indeed wearing shorts.)

Bad pics, but that's what happens when your backup photographer is sree(3).


(This is also why there are no modeled shots of the Mary Jane sweater or the Cookie lace. Those two deserve good photography.)

I got some bad news about the sock club, though. My July installment was lost in the mail. They have promised to send me another package in January of next year to make up for it. In the meantime, I am working on Madli and on the May PSC socks for the husband. It's nice to work on lace again, though I'm glad I warmed up on the mitts - the beginnings of that first mitt saw me tinking half a row for every two or three I knit. Now I have my lacy mojo back.
Not my concentration mojo, though - apparently I wrote this post, then wandered away before clicking Publish. Sigh.