Thursday, November 12, 2009

Um, I have a blog?

Wow. And I still remember the password. Something to be thankful for on this Thursday.
So, I felt all sorts of guilt last week for not participating, but I think that wasn't the intention so I got over my residual guilt. Here are a few things I am thankful for today:

  • My daycare. They took extra care with Bug during the last months, gave me discounts when they knew we were unemployed, and really actively care about my kids.

  • Red scarves, IBOL, Claudia's fundraisers, Knitters without Borders, and the fact that I recognize that I can always do a little something, even if it isn't terribly dramatic to me, that might help ease someone else's burdens.

  • The friends, both online and real life, who listen even though they've heard it all before and OMGIsSheCryingAGAIN?, but don't let on, and who tell me it's okay to be sad when it is, or to suck it up and stop going there when it isn't. (Hey English majors, diagram THAT sentence!)

  • The fact that my cousin offered (and happily agreed when I accepted) to come down from Phoenix for the day and clean out my bedroom of Rick's things so I didn't have to stand there sobbing for hours over every pair of ratty shorts or holey socks.

  • The fact that I had almost ten years with an amazing man who gave me two beautiful sons and two amazing stepdaughters, plus a second father, two more sisters, a bushel of aunts and uncles and friends and countless life experiences I'd never have had the guts to try on my own.

  • That my knitting, which is at root a solitary activity, has such a great community with it.

  • That Marisa knows how to knit spiders.