Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I suppose it's about damn time

Soon it will be time to start Warming Joan. (And apparently, Lene, and Manise, and Bev, and Angie, and Bams, and Zarzuela, and Squish, and ...)

Here is a tiny little taste... Look, the leaves are finally turning!


In the interest of full disclosure, I took that on new year's day, but we were at the park this weekend and it still looks like that...

Speaking of the park, this is what we were doing there:


Squeak's first (and second) bike rides. Bug loved being able to ride and ride and ride, and I loved that all afternoon he was calm and quiet. :-) It's starting to stay light longer in the evenings, so if I could get my act together we could have bike rides after work/school, too.

And since this is at least nominally a knitting blog, LOOK! I can has projects.


Basic roll brim hat
Can't remember how many stitches I used
I-cord top knot
Lonesome Stone Alpaca Feet in Ol Blue Eyes (bought at Taos HI ANGIE), held double
5mm needles

Basic Ann Bud Mittens
5 st/in, 32 stitches around
Ribbing up to gusset in two strands of purple Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, end of thumb and top of mitten in one strand of Reynolds and one strand of Alpaca Feet.

Next up, starting today if all is well, the scarf he asked for, out of the same two yarns (held singly this time) in a Fibonacci sequence. Cuz Mama, she loves teh maths. (Lest ye worry, after that I'll be knitting a hat and mittens for Squeak. Somewhat large, so as to be useful next year too, as our winter is almost over.

ETA: I have a new comment system. I hope it doesn't suck. I liked Haloscan, but someone bought out the original and made the free service cost, whilst also changing it to suck more. (Sorta like how the TypePad people did recently.) If the new commenting system is awful, I shall try to research better ones. Lemme know. Incidentally, it appears as though you have to be on the post itself, and not the main site, to see the commenting section - there is apparently no button at the bottom of each post from the main site. Strike One.