Monday, March 08, 2010

I choose to see the bright side

Like, Yay, I didn't actually get around to buying firewood last week, and also, wow, think how much sunlight the garden will get NOW!
Oooh, another one - Carrie's yard, now with 50% less pollen!



Shockingly bad (unedited, ha) photos due to poor lighting, poor camera, poor photography skills...

This one is still shockingly bad, but at least I brightened it up a bit, so you could better see the carnage...


No one hurt and no damage to the house, the wall, the dog run, or even the electrical lines, thank Bob. Though I did spend the next two hours wishing the other tree would fall on the house (going so far as to mentally tell the tree the best spot to fall to maximize damage without actually hurting either my family, my sewing machines or my stash) so as to render mortgage woes moot...

For next time, I have some photos to warm up Joan and the rest of you northern popsicle types, but for now, the rain wins out.