Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March on.

So, apparently since so many people found it necessary to tell me to be easy on myself, I sounded whinier than I'd intended last post. I wasn't really trying to whine, I swear it. I actually dunno what I was doing. Suffering from logorrhea? Trying to put Spring Fever into words? Trying to make my instant-gratification-wanting self sound grown up about the tantrum I wanted to have? WHINING, perhaps?
Anyway, this week things have been more On than Off. More sunlight and a few beautiful days here and there have gone a long way toward making me feel better, AND I finally sucked it up and did some of the yucky chores I didn't want to do. Still working on the IRS and the mortgage people, but as long as I'm not moving backwards I'm okay.
I did NOT finish my Olympic knitting, with which I am also okay. I did make surprisingly good progress given how little tolerance the Bug developed for the same two bloody commercials ad nauseum (yeah, okay, it was me - he was a fan of Ice Dancing and all the skiing crashes. He thinks crashing was their intent when they flung themselves down the hill at high speed with nothing but slippery sticks on their feet. I can't quite figure out where he got that idea...) I did remember how to fit a little knitting into my days, and how much happier I am when I do that. And I made progress, yo.

Horrible photo, but we've come to expect that here, no? As it turns out, the focus is way better once you turn off the macro setting. o.0

And here, and artsy silly shot, because my phone camera has a macro setting. (SIGH.)

I had hoped to get some photos of warm, but alas, my weekend looked like this.


I do love the rain, but I don't know what to make of the fact that for the last few weeks, the workdays have been sunny, mid 70s, and the weekends have been cold and rainy. Seems particularly cruel, given that we are nearing the end of our out-door season here in Satan's Blast Furnace.