Friday, May 19, 2006

On the wisdom of lifelines

I have finished both frills of Frill to my satisfaction. On Wednesday, while watching Criminal Minds (is anyone besides me totally in love with the super-nerd, former model kid?) I knit 15 rows into the body. I just whipped them out. I thought, "This is super easy, and the next 345 rows are going to just FLY by."
Last night I sat down to knit, and by the second row, I'd seriously damaged the stitch pattern. NO idea what I did. I tried tinking and reknitting, and that got me a few more rows. Then I did something even weirder, and when I tried tinking that, I dropped stitches.
And I hadn't moved my lifeline from the night before.
You may remember from a previous post that I did not use a lifeline and had to frog the whole dratted frill. I got smart this time. I used a lifeline between the frill and the body, until I got my groove in the body and knew what was going on. I should have moved it up. I didn't.
Pride goeth before a fall.
All frogged, all the way to the top of the frill. Last night got me back six measly rows, and first thing this morning I moved my lifeline up. Painful lessons.

Anybody know how to photograph black/grey variegated knitted lace?


Leah said...

I love frill! I can't wait to see yours! Sorry it was such a picky knit! I *heart* lifelines!!

I also LOVE criminal minds!! Funny story that the kid was actually an intern on the Wes Anderson movie The life aquatic. He actually ended up playing an intern in the movie as well & there is a documentary on the criterion collection DVD that he made. Wes Anderson is my favorite director & I have seen all the "extras" on the DVD so It was surprised to see him on Criminal Minds.

Esp. because in Life Aquatic he has an afro! :)