Monday, June 19, 2006

Back to the knitting

I did some knitting over the weekend. I knit on a fringed wrap for my MIL for Christmas. Doubled bulky acrylic in pink and variegated purple, with the occasional row of purple fun fur thrown in for good measure. I think it's pretty awful, but I made something similar for my little niece last Christmas and MIL loved it. I hope she likes this one as well, because it's so awful it might be killing me to knit it.
I also picked up Sonnet again. I didn't write about it, but last week at SnB, shortly after the waitress had delivered a giant, real-whipped-cream-covered mocha, I gestured wildly about something or other and dumped the whole thing in my lap, where sat Sonnet. Sonnet soaked up most of it, so I rinsed her out as best I could and set her outside to dry. Some will wax poetic about how wonderful clothes dried in the sunshine smell, but not in Arizona. In Arizona, anything dried outside has a crispy, faintly burnt smell. (105 degrees and 9% humidity will do that to a garment. My mother used to dry our jeans on the patio outside, hanging over the backs of chairs. They were so stiff that they'd keep the form of the chair when you picked them up. It wasn't until I dried them in the dryer with Bounce for the first time that I really actually liked wearing jeans.)
Anyway, I digress - I put Sonnet back on the needles and knit three crispy, faintly burnt rows. It's going to be hard to finish this one smelling the way it does. The edges of the yarn are still a little brown too, from the coffee that didn't all wash away. I just have to finish the front panel so I can bind her off and chuck her in the wash. It will take some fortitude. Or maybe some Febreze.


Cynthia said...

I note that there are no pics of the nasty acrylic or the stinky Sonnet (LOL). Good luck with the Sonnet; can't even imagine knitting with something that smells so bad!

Susan said...

Or you could go back and get another mocha and soak the whole mess in it. Maybe?