Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two in a row!

Yes, two posts in one week, it's amazing!
I took a brief moment to download my photos. Now, I know that it's cheesy to take a bunch of sky pictures for Project Spectrum's blue month, but really, I think these are some cool skies.

A still life: Neighbor's dog in blue chair

Black-and-blue sage (which is actually purple)

A sunset

A tiny bit of blue sky - gotta look closely

Sonnet in blue

I got sonnet out Tuesday to take to SnB. Frill isn't SnB knitting for me, and I was kinda bored with my two socks on two circs. I'd intended to start Bombshell from Big Girl Knits (GREAT book) but the yarn I wanted to use is sport weight, the pattern calls for worsted, and I was too lazy to do the maths. I will work it all out later. Maybe I'll just do the wrap sweater instead... Anyway, I got sonnet out and switched it to my Addi 8s and knit away, happily. I am most of the way across the back, with maybe only an inch or two till I shape the armscye. (That's a word from Eunny - according to it just means "armhole".) I'm not sure how far I need to go now - I finished the last pattern row last night, and now need to check my pattern. It really is a pleasure to knit. I love the needles, I love the color, I love the feel of the yarn (Patons ribbon something - it's discontinued). I can't wait to buy buttons for it. I can't wait to finish this puppy to wear it. I think it will be a little big, which is how I'd pictured it. I like cardigans I can cuddle up in. I'm happy to have this out again; I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Hey! That Sonnet's purty!

-Lynn said...

Yes, the blue is lovely! You are totally outed and quite an enjoyable read. Just like most things in life, add your personal touch to the blog and it will shine and be special!

What was the pattern for the lacy black scarf in your post about the beach. It is gorgeous!