Friday, July 28, 2006

Gratuitous baby photos

So, the Harlot described me as the mother of a beautiful baby. (I gotta say, I beamed with pleasure when she said that IRL. Cuz she's seen a lot of babies.)
Anyway, since I have no knitting to post, and since I didn't take a picture of my bombyx top yet, and since I need very little excuse to show off my little man, here are some Bug photos.

(New skill - making thumbnails that open a larger image when you click them. Actually, my new skill was identifying the code source in someone else's blog, copying it and modifying it for my own use. Anyway, click for bigger photos.)

standing Bug
He's a standin' fool.

playing with paper
Paper crinkles in such a satisfying way.

oh the mess
Mama, I just love spaghetti.

sleeping Bug
Being cute is exhausting. Hmmm, this pillow smells like Daddy.

Even when he's grabbing my knitting, he's my little joy.


Megan said...

The Harlot is right! He's beautiful. I love the look on that sweet little spaghetti-face!

Lydia M. said...

I clicked on your blog from the Harlot just to see your cute baby. And is he ever a cutie pie. My kids are all teens now so it takes me down memory lane to see your sweeties' photos. Spaghetti is so much more fun with a baby!