Monday, July 17, 2006

I like 'em!

I haven't played with my new needles much (that whole limiting-projects-on-the-needles thing) but I did switch the HPT to a longer cable and knit a row or two this week. Here's my take:
  • The cables are soft and bendy. They have a little more memory out of the package than Addis seem to, but they're still pliable enough that they don't bunch up in my knitting.
  • The joins are really smooth, both where the cable joins the metal and where the tip screws to the cable.
  • They seem to stay screwed together well for the little bit of knitting I've done with them.
  • The surface of the needles is slick like Addis, which I love. (I will stick with bamboo for lace.)
  • The points are super-sharp. I am not a fan of sharp needles - I like the blunt tips on the Addis. I will get used to these, though. Hopefully that will happen before I pierce a hole in the tip of my finger.

So far I am enjoying them. This is a good thing, as I've organized my little case and thrown away all the packing materials. I like the zippered inserts, although I wish a few more were included with the set. (Enough for all the tips and cables, anyway.) What I'd really like to see Knitpicks create is more tips: blunts for those of us who like Addis, and bamboo for situations where you want a stickier surface.
All in all, and assuming they wear well, I think it was money well spent.


margene said...

I've heard nothing but good about the needles. Must give them a try, too.

Tracy said...

Some people like sharp pointed needles for lace. It's easier to get those sharp points into tight places. Rounded tip needles are good for worsted yarn and straight forward knitting. That's what I read some where. Having just knit my first try at lace with blunt needles I wish I'd had sharper ones. Or maybe it's because I was so tense the whole time I was knitting knots.

purlewe said...

I have been itching to get my hands on those needles. thanks for the req.

Good luck when you get your alpaca!!