Friday, July 21, 2006


Isn't that how the spammers spell it?
My innocent little (or not so little) box of yarn came yesterday. The rest of my binge is here. I managed to nurse the Bug before I ripped it open, but as soon as I finished and Papa got home, I abandoned them both for The Box.
Here it is, in all its glory:

I just realized I should have included something for scale, but it's too late now!

Here is a pic of the contents of that pile:

From left to right:

Is it a little scary that I noticed there were six new yarns on Knitpicks before they were marked as new? Should I worry that I know their product line that well?

Anyway, I can't start any of these projects until I get it together and finish some that are in progress already. It will be so hard to wait!


KnotAKnitter said...

I'm new to knitting. How long did it
take you before you could knit something that wasn't sloppy?

I hate sport weight! It shows my mistakes much more then worsted.

I live in the same city you do,
um and I'd sooooo like to move.

pacalaga said...

Well, most of my knitting is pretty sloppy. With knitting, though, you can shift your stitches around a little bit when you're done. Also, the type of needle matters. I thought that was a total crock and someone just trying to sell me more needles, but it's true - my knitting is sloppier on metal, which is slick, than on bamboo, which grabs a little.
If you're in Tucson, feel free to come to our SnB on Tuesday evenings about 7pm, at Mimi's on Broadway and Wilmot...

Jeanne said...

Nice yarn - beautiful colors. I'm trying not to buy yarn this month, but Knitpicks is really tempting me.

Deborah said...

Found your blog via the Harlot, and I had to stop and say that I love your idea for the Clapotis. I've been wanting to make one, but anything that changes color the way I want/feels the way I want is out of my price range. Now I have a new idea to play around with. Thanks!