Saturday, July 01, 2006

Remember me?

Yes, I am a bad bad blogger. I haven't posted in over a week. I have been knitting, but slowly. I have no FOs to show, because no Os have been effed. (Thanks, Jen, or was it La, for adding that verb to my vocabulary.)
Anyway, in a nod to Sandy, I thought I'd join Saturday Sky. We've been having some cool and unpredictable skies lately, so I thought I'd share.
Here's this morning's sky:

Here's one from last week:

Taken through my dining room window. Like I'd take my beloved camera out in that!

I did finish the body of Sonnet, and cast on one of the sleeves. Here she is, drying after a double run through the washing machine to rid her of the feet smell.

I have been working intermittently on the sleeves, but yesterday I got the desire to make fruit hats for Jeanne, at the request of The Harlot. I was very lucky to be able to nurse my son as long as I have (and I'm still going!) but many I know either were unable to produce milk or were discouraged by the circumstances of their jobs and couldn't nurse or pump more than a few weeks. I am fortunate enough to be a well-educated white woman with a white-collar job, all of which contribute statistically to the likelihood that I'll nurse my babies. I think it's shameful that we get so little support. So little maternity leave. So little information. (And I live in the state where, however briefly, a city passed an ordinance allowing officials to prosecute women for trespassing if they were nursing their babies on city property and someone felt uncomfortable.) Why is it okay that Hollywood celebrities show up to functions wearing sheer gowns (or worse) but a woman nursing can cause a stir? Why can girls parade around with their underwear hanging out their jeans, or wear pants so low-slung that creative shaving is in order, but a woman using her breasts the way they were intended can make people "uncomfortable"? (Barbara Walters, I'm looking at you.)
Wow, I hit my own nerve there. I should change the name of this blog to Ranting and Raving.
Fruit hats. I'm making baby fruit hats for Jeanne to give out to people who come to her WIC program on nutrition and nursing. If you wanna help, email The Harlot for more information. Her information on nursing is much better than my little rant, too. Now that I have fulfilled my duty to Sandy and also got my little flip-out off my chest, as it were, I am going to go knit some citrus.


Dorothy said...

Wow, getting charged for trespassing because you are nursing your child out in public?! That's crazy.

Desirée said...

I don't have kids, but have 2 prego friends right now and am SO pro-BF. I'm already talking to them about it. A lactation consultant came and spoke in my Nutrition class last fall and told me obesity is linked to not breastfeeding. Who knew?

So my Nutrition teacher works for WIC here in Santa Cruz, how cool is that? I wonder where the gal collecting the hats is? I think I'll make one/some too. Thanks for linking! I don't read the Harlot every day. =)

Charity said...

Great hats! I so hear you about the maternity/breastfeeding stuff. I live in Canada, and am just wrapping up 1 years' maternity leave, 40% of gross pay, paid by the govenment. Not everyone takes it, but at least we have the option. My heart breaks for my American friends that don't get this choice.