Saturday, July 15, 2006

Uh oh

First, my Saturday sky duty:

As a bonus, to show you how hot and nasty it's been:

That bush is the same type as the one to the left. It's not changing colors for the fall, it's burnt. The front of the bush was fried by the sun.

Next, projects. The sock proceeds apace.

I have turned the heel. I added a little shaping across the top of the foot, near the heel. I have big feet and wide ankles, so in order for the heel to fit me in a standard toe-up, short row arrangement, the instep is stretched most unattractively. I hope my little (half-assed) attempt at shaping works out. More importantly, I hope I remember what I did for the next sock. This is where that two-at-a-time thing would have come in handy. ;-)

Anyway, I have made a little deal with myself to limit my projects. One for me, one pair of socks (also for me) and one gift on the needles, and no more. This means I have to finish that sock and get the Heinous Purple Thing (HPT) done. The binge has started to arrive...

Three balls of Elann Esprit in soft periwinkle, and three balls of Elann Esprit Prints in lilac medley. The best part is that they coordinate. If I do indeed get one sock out of one ball, I'll use the remaining ball of each color to make a two-toned pair. I hope this is nice sock yarn to use, because I really want a pair in each color and print. I'm channelling Margene on the sock thing. I have sugarplum dreams of a whole wardrobe of handmade socks. Will they match anything I own? Do I care?

The knitpicks stash (by far the bulk of the binge) isn't due for about 10 days yet, so I have time to move on my sonnet sleeves, my HPT, and my Frill (yes, two gifts, but I'd already done it, so now I have to whittle it down) before it gets here. Here's hoping for fast knitting. (Anybody else hear "Knit. Knit like the wind." when you read that?)


Nicola said...

I can personally recommend the Elann Esprit. I love it. They recommend a 4.5mm needle, but I usually use 4mm and get about 7 sts to the inch. I am currently knitting my fourth pair of socks using this yarn and I wouldn't use anything else! I love all those new colours too.

Lynn (that one) said...

Sigh.... Guess I SHOULD have added some Esprit to the Elann order. I was trying to be good!