Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why oh why?

Why am I so fickle? Why do I always need something new, when in reality I love working on (most of) the projects on the needles right now? I have been nearly salivating over the rest of the binge box that should arrive by tomorrow. I have daydreams about casting on for everything, and rolling around in the alpaca (I saw Fluffy do it once in a skein of acrylic, and she looked like she was having fun) and knitting with no interruption. Yeah.
Yesterday, I was home with a sick Bug. He wasn't actually sick anymore - his fever had broken Tuesday night - but daycare rules say fever-free for 24 hours. So, I thought I'd get a nice day to knit and play. Well, he wasn't feverish anymore, but he was still crabby and clingy, so it wasn't until after he went to bed for the night that I actually got to knit at all. My hands had been cramping a bit, so Tuesday at SnB I put down the tiny sock yarn and worked on the sleeves of sonnet. After a little bit of confusion (I was on autopilot and blew past the increase rows) I got into a rhythm. My hands felt great, so I continued on those sleeves last night while listening to an old Cast On episode. I LOVE this project. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE. The yarn (Patons Fresco, sadly discontinued) is soft and generally easy to work with, the needles (Addi turbos) are slick and wonderful, and the pattern is easy enough that I can actually stitch without looking. I had about an hour and a half before I really got tired, and I enjoyed every stitch. I will actually be sad when this project is done, but then I will get to wear it! Can't wait.
(Someone remind me of this post when I am complaining about the never-ending sleeves...)


Lucia said...

I love Addi Turbos. They're all I use anymore...