Saturday, July 15, 2006

You're just jealous

You know you wish you were me:

The zippered case is there, it's just hard to see.

My Knitpicks Options needles came today! I'm very excited. I gave serious thought to removing my sleeves from the Addis and putting them on the Knitpicks. I feel so well organized now - I have at least one type of needle of every size from 000 to 11. (The Knitpicks needles only go down to size 4 US, but I have other types below that.) Now I feel good about starting new projects - before I always had to buy several sizes of needles because I never ever get gauge with the recommended size. I tended to stick to things for which gauge wasn't important for that reason. Yeehaw! Now I can start the wrap sweater and Bombshell from BGK (as soon as I finish the other projects on the needles)!
I guess I should get at them.

2 comments: said...

I am interested to know how the screw together joins are working out for you. Does the yarn move easily or does it catch as it passes?

Anonymous said...

Please post about how you like your new needles - I am curious to see what your opinion is. I opted to order just a few so I could try them out - I usually prefer wood because of slipperiness and loosing my stitches.