Tuesday, September 05, 2006


That title has nothing at all to do with anything, but I couldn't think of a snappy title. I guess it's a little appropriate, since we finally got a bit of rain from John and all the dust has been washed from the trees. I think other parts of town got more; some of the washes are closed on the northwest side of town. We got just enough to dampen everything and put a slight nip in the air after the sun went down. It was a very pleasant evening.
I did very little knitting yesterday. DH left before I got up and didn't get home until after 8pm. The Bug had a rough day of falling down or getting fingers pinched, and didn't nap or eat well, either. He struggled mightily to keep himself awake until he got to see Daddy, and that struggle included much shrieking, whining, moaning, chasing dogs, and kicking me. Oy. He has sharp toes.
I didn't sew in the sleeves of Haiku, either. I need good light and time to concentrate, and I had neither of those yesterday. A friend came over Sunday afternoon and brought her almost-four-year-old daughter. Haiku would have fit her perfectly. This is not good, as the little girl I'm making it for is eensy. Tiny. Wee, even. Oh well, someday it will fit her. I still love it.
Now I have a dilemma. I don't want to knit on my socks at SnB. The HPT requires too much yarn and I am hesitant to be seen with it in public anyway. Sonnet is easy SnB knitting, but it won't get me any closer to being done with my Christmas knitting. That leaves Frill and Tendrils. Hmm, Tendrils is less complicated, so I should probably take that. The weight of the beads on that thing make it so that very soon it will be too big to knit anywhere. Yeah, Tendrils will have its day in the sun night in the coffeehouse tonight.


Ryan said...

I would say the opposite of the "blues" would be the "yellows" or the "pinks!"