Saturday, September 02, 2006

Holy cow, when did it turn to September?

Cuz I'm still in April or May.
Hello new subscriber!

Rabbitch mentioned something recently about Selfish September. I don't know if that is the appropriate title, but the gist is that each day in September, you knit a little on something for yourself, before you knit on gifts. I can do that. Two rounds or so on my little green sock, here I come. Hopefully to be done while I sip some coffee each morning.

It's Saturday, and that means I need some sky.
Here is the standard landscape from my back step.

Sept 2

Turn just a little, though, and ...


Hello, John.

John is making it a little cooler here today, for which he has my thanks. I'd appreciate it, though, if he'd consider laying off the people in Mexico. Wondering if your shanty or tar paper house will still be there when you get back from the shelter sounds like a heinous way to spend the weekend.

DH is off working this weekend, saving the world, one badly-done house at a time. (The house he's remodelling now was bought for a (relative) song, because some of the features added to the house by the previous owners were so ugly no one would touch the thing.) I will be knitting as much as the Bug allows. Tendrils continues, and despite misgivings about the color of the yarn, I like it. This is what I did last night.

tendril surgery

The Harlot had a piece on how to do that recently, and it worked very well.

In other news, Sweden recently pledged $5 million to help rebuild Gaza and get the people there an economy back. This sounds like a lot (especially after other countries added to the pot), until I think about something else. A few years ago, DH helped build a vacation home for The Ks, a very wealthy couple from out of state. Including the land, they spent more than $7 million. It was mostly built to house their art collection, but they intended to send the kids and the nanny a few times a year. I have no qualms about The Ks spending their money the way they see fit. But ONE COUPLE spent more on one unused house than a WHOLE COUNTRY pledged to help rebuild an entire region. That's crazy in so many directions, I'm not even able to entirely wrap my head around it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off trying to finally get video of the Bug walking.


Carrie K said...

Walking. So cute.

Selfish September? Darn! Here I thought it was Jan, Feb, Mar, April....well, you get the drift.

So did you fix Icarus or block it?