Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Running away

From the heat!
Tomorrow we take the Bug on his second-ever plane ride to see his grandparents. DH and I are practically dancing to get out of town, and of course, the Bug has no clue that anything is different. (Well, except for the slight shrillness that creeps into our voices when we say, "Are you going to see GRAMMA soon?!" He must think we're nuts.)
It's supposed to be rainy, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. I am planning to do some river-walking anyway. Eddie can play in the grass if it's wet. The thought will jar his gramma to her very core, and she will fret ad nauseum that he might get cold. If a kid can't play in the rain, though, then I give up. I HOPE he gets a little chilly, just to know what it feels like. Most of his life has been spent in the inferno that is southern Arizona in the summer, and our last winter was particularly mild. His great-gramma made him a quilt, just like she's made for all her other great-grandchildren, most of whom live in Montana. The quilt is so heavy we've not used it yet. Maybe this weekend!
In the grand tradition of overestimating my abilities, I will again be taking Tendrils AND Frill. This time I hope to get two repeats on Tendrils and a few inches on Frill. I'll have my sock for the plane ride and the long layover in Salt Lake. Since I have the patterns for both memorized, it shouldn't be hard to knit a few stitches here and there, and maybe I'll make some noticeable progress. I threaded two more balls of yarn with beads last night, which should be plenty.
Work? what work?


Jaimi said...

Have a great trip Carrie!

Julie said...

Oh to live in an inferno! I'd give anything to live where it is hot most of the year - here, we only ge a few weeks of "hot" and at best 2 1/2 months of warm summer. The weather changed quickly here, late August felt like fall!

Have a nice trip (and I agree with you about playing in the rain!)