Sunday, September 10, 2006

SaturdaySunday sky

Well, Saturday escaped me, and Sunday has run past too. Why do the weekends speed by, but the days at the office just drag?
Anyway, the sky. A combination of dead battery and pure laziness prevented me from taking the pic yesterday, but it looks much the same.

Sept 10

I have been knitting away on both Frill and Tendrils. I thought I'd post a few progress photos.

Here's Frill. The ball in the photo is about half gone, and I think I have another half ball attached to the second frill.

Frill progress

That thing is about 41 inches long, and I have another 11 inches of frill waiting to be attached. The pattern suggests 87 inches in length, but I'm not sure I'll knit it that long. I'll see how I feel about it when I finish this ball.

Here's Tendrils.

Tendrils progress

A cable-y close up. (Click to embiggen, as always.)

cables and beads

I love the pattern. I love the texture of the yarn; it's soft as soft. I HATEHATEHATE the way the colors are knitting up. I thought it would look less mottled when it was knitted up, but no. It's still splotchy and ugly. I will be overdyeing this puppy with a dark green dye when I'm finished. I hope it makes the yellow and light green plies turn dark green, and leaves the dark green and blue plies alone. That would even it out, but still give it depth. All I know is, I'm not giving it to anyone in its current color incarnation.

More progress: Bug's hair!

Bug and Mama

He looks a little less thrilled about it than Mama, but he warmed up to it later.