Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I go away for a few days, and Blogland explodes! What, you people wait until I leave to post? You can't post while I'm at work, being bored?

Anyway, it was a lovely trip. There was cold, there was rain, there was snow, there was moose poop. There was cake, and lots of it. (Not in the same location with the moose poop.)

Bug loved the grass, the trees, the puppies next door, Gramma, Grampa, Buttons the Dog, his cousins, walking on the river, flying in the airplane, running like a maniac through the airport... Here is a brief photo essay of our trip.

Sept 18

Sept 17, Happy Birthday Bug

Bitterroot river
Sunday sky, a few days late

snuggly little wiggle monster

souvenir yarn

You had to know there would be yarn.


jessie said...

Beautiful pictures! The Bug is cute as a bug, of course. :-)

margene said...

Beautiful place! The yarn is cool, too;-)
Your baby is as cute as a bug!! LOL