Sunday, September 03, 2006

You big tease

Oy, it's hot. I guess it's not terribly hot - 86, with 46% humidity, but it looks hot. John is a big tease at my house so far. The weather channel talks about big time rain, flash flooding, warning this, severe weather that. I look out my window and see fluffy white clouds with blue sky. It's the kind of sky, though, that feels heavy and hot. If it were cold, they'd be snow clouds. It's not, though, so they're just holding in the heat. I feel oppressed. I also feel weird that it's only noon. It feels late. There must be clouds elsewhere blocking the sun, because until I just looked at the clock I figured it was abou 4pm. (Hooray, more knitting time!)
I have been knitting on Frill today. Holy crap, I know, but it's true. I worked on Tendrils most of yesterday, as the Bug allowed, so I wanted a little change. Turns out I'd rather work on the albatross of knitting than seam up a baby sweater. This does not bode well for the future.
The Bug has recently discovered the TV. He always knew it was there, to scratch, touch, bang on, and lick, but now he's seeing the pictures.

I wish I was Mama Einstein

It's kinda cracking me up. There's a chime noise that happens when the scene changes, and even if he's gotten interested in something else, his head whips around to see what the new thing is when he hears that chime. It's a tad Pavlovian.


jessie said...

My daughter never paid any attention to the TV as a baby, which was great because I could watch anything and it didn't bother her. Then, the summer she turned 2, I was blithely watching Jurassic Park thinking there was no problem.

She turned to see the TV, registered that there was something interesting going on there and caught sight of the T-Rex attacking the porta-potty.

Blood-curdling scream. And I haven't watched a show or movie of my choice in the five years since that fateful moment.