Thursday, October 19, 2006

16 inches

That's what I have left on Frill. 16 inches before I graft the second frill on, block the puppy, and never think about her again.

reclining Frill

For blocking considerations, though, I may stop after nine more inches (for a total length of 80 inches) and call 'er good.

It turns out that I am not terribly in love with the stitch pattern.

up close Frill

It's very easy, but I think my desire to do the pattern was more about the colorway of the sample in Knitty, here. The pattern is simple enough, I am just not in love with it the way I was when I saw the pictures of it the first time. Since it is not for me, though, I don't have to love it once it's done.

Anyway, this is the weekend of Rhinebeck, which I sadly cannot attend. This is also the weekend DH is road-tripping with his youngest daughter and friend, helping them to bring youngest daughter's car from our house to her mother's house, where it shall live out its days as the receptacle of all the detritus from the life of a teenaged girl. It was a good vehicle for us, and I hope it's happy there. So, while DH is visiting family and seeing beautiful countryside, and the rest of you are engaged in a wool orgy of epic proportions, Bug and I will be here all by our little lonesomes, knitting and/or trying to shred balls of yarn. I am looking forward to hearing all your exploits and seeing the pictures of your haul. Fondle some fibers for me, please.


Alisha said...

You have done a beautiful job on it even though your not so in love with it!!!