Monday, October 02, 2006

The Aftermath

We had The Barbecue To End All Barbecues this weekend, in honor of the Bug's first birthday.
I didn't know I knew that many people. They kept coming in, and I kept saying, "Oh yeah! You!" Due to some weird Fly Convention in my backyard, most of the forty or so people were crammed in my little house. The Birthday Boy spent a good portion of it in his bedroom sleeping off the fever and ear infection he developed the day before. Even so, he was a good sport and snuggled with everyone before his nap, and played with his buddies after his nap.
And now, I have this.

dinner table


living room


jessie said...

What? Your house doesn't look like that all the time?

Seriously, I learned a trick last year, in time for my daughter's 7th birthday: Theme party in public. Take the kids to a park, bowling, a restaurant, an arcade. Anywhere but home.

So nice to come back to an empty house!

As for family parties, well, there's no solution.

Carrie K said...

Maybe the nice Finishing elves could pitch in and help clean.

Oh, and I do that can't-sleep-in-on-day-off thing but boy, can I ever on a workday.

Desirée said...

It looks like you all had a blast. =) Happy b-day to Bug.