Monday, October 23, 2006

Knitting content

But it's not mine.
The Bug and I have been under the weather. Well, the Bug has been under the weather for a solid month now. First the cold from Montana, then an ear infection, then pneumonia (!) and now a viral throat thing. This kid should have more immunities than a whole continent, but unfortunately, new bugs keep finding him.
DH has been in Montana for the last few days for his mother's birthday, so the Bug and I have been flying solo. Given the extra work (how do people do this by themselves every day?) and the yuckiness, no knitting has happened here.
My good friend has made the Bug a sweater. She and I share, among other things, a love of all moose-kind. So, naturally, what better for her pseudo-grandson than a moose sweater?

moosey sweater

little star buttons
As always, click to embiggen.

I dunno the pattern, I dunno the size, she made the chart up herself, and I think she said she knitted it from Lion Brand Microspun. It's just a little too big for him right now, which means it should fit him for most of the winter, and hopefully any bits of next summer when he needs a sweater too. At the beach, maybe, or at the lake. When it's too small for him, I think I'll frame it.

(As I sit here typing at my hideously messy desk (it's not my fault, there's no storage) I have discovered that the Bug is tall enough that he can reach everything that I have pushed back from the edge. When did he get so tall?)


La said...

ack! It's really cute and well-done CSI! Run for your lives!!!!

Lynn said...

OMG that is an adorable sweater!!!! What a great friend to make that for Bug!

Carrie K said...

When you weren't looking. Which is how he's going to do all his growing. Kids are so sneaky like that.

That moose sweater is adorable! I have this thing for mooses too. (Mooses? Moose? meese? I never have figured that out.)