Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lazy Sunday morning

We are home from our short camping trip. DH got to ski his little heart right out, and the two guys from work who came with us turned out to be one guy and his seven year old son, whom we nicknamed The Dash. (This is the best weekend EVER!) The weather was pleasant in the morning and evening, and when it got too hot, we fired up the generator and napped in Air Conditioned Comfort(tm). On our way home, we stopped at the pizza place in the little nearby town and had some fan-freaking-tastic calzones. The Bug LOVES him some pizza.
Not much knitting was done. I brought some paperwork from the office and alternated it with knitting rows while the Bug napped yesterday, but I still haven't finished that last little bit of the third ball of Frill. Today, hopefully.
I was mostly busy all weekend checking this out.
fishin by the lake

nifty orange berries

Patagonia, early morning

Saturday sky


Lynn in Tucson said...

Home so soon? I assumed you were off tomorrow and gone for the duration!