Thursday, October 05, 2006


Things that make me sigh with contentment.

  • The house is clean, thanks to a little bit of cleaning three days in a row, followed by a visit from the cleaning lady.

  • Dinner is in the oven right now, simmering its little gringa-green-chile heart out.

  • It's cloudy and only 90 degrees out right now.

  • We are going camping tomorrow at the lake, and it will only be in the 80s there. (Almost cool enough to wear jeans outside)

  • It is 2pm and I get to go home a little early today.

  • I am almost at the end of the third ball of Frill. (Since the second frill was knitted from the last remaining ball, that means I have less than one ball left to knit on this project that has taken me a million years.)

I read a few posts back and noticed that it said I'd knitted 7.5 repeats on Tendrils at that time. I don't know what has happened to my counting abilities, but I've knitted at least two repeats since then, but I only have 8 repeats now. Is it too late for a WTF Wednesday?


Imbrium said...

Wait...did you say "only" 90 degrees out?

I mean, I lived in Tucson for three years - I understand that after a summer of 110-120 degree days that 90 can seem almost balmy - but I don't think I've ever used the word "only" to describe 90 degree weather. That's still damn hot.

Lynn said...

I'm jealous. Circumstances dictate that I choose cut-and-color over the housekeeper this week.

But she wouldn't look nearly so good on my head!

(At least I still have my sense of humour....)

Carrie k said...

Yay for clean houses! And yes, 90 is too hot. For anywhere. Argh.

Elves unraveling your knitting? I swear they do here.

margene said...

Camping? 90 degrees! It's chilly here, raining. Enjoy the outdoors!