Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Calling Harry Potter

Cuz I need a few things. Like Hermione's time turner? Yeah, one of those. (The only problem with that is that if you used it too much, you'd die younger. I mean, you're still living all those extra hours, so if it added up to extra days a month or a week, your life span would be awfully short by comparison to those not using a time turner. Um, I mean,... well, yes, I do think about these things way too much.)
The other thing I want is that spell that makes the insides of things much more spacious than they appear from the outside. Imagine it - unlimited closet space! I wouldn't want much more actual house, because that would mean it would be more to clean, but can you imagine a walk-in linen closet? Kitchen cabinets that held both your everyday dishes and your china? Never running out of room in the fridge? Yeah, that's what I thought - you want it too.
Anyway, I have yet to finish Clapotis. Which means I haven't touched Tendrils. Tonight I'm finishing Clapotis and weaving in the ends before I sleep, period. Here's where the time turner would be extra-handy. I could finish a few hours of knitting and still get a full night's sleep. I have so much time devoted to non-knitting pursuits in the next few days, I don't know if I'll finish. Dinner with friends tomorrow, Santa pictures Thursday, dinner with other friends and a light-watching trip on Friday... I need to have a few days off work to get it all done, but with the MIL thing of two weeks ago, I have no time left. I would berate myself for waiting until the last minute, but I started both of these MONTHS ago. I should berate myself for knitting slowly, maybe. Yeah, that would be helpful.
And one more thing: if you've recently applied ben-gay to your stiff, pained fingers, you should probably avoid scratching your nose or rubbing your eyes. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Peeew and Ouch! You probably can't get that smell out of your nose now, can you? I can onl imagine how much the eyes must sting! I cut way back on my Christmas knitting this year; I was so stressed out last year I decided to only knit for a few people this year. Good luck with your finishing.

Carrie K said...

I'd explain that you'd live the extra hours and your regular hours because it's a date you die on and not the hours etc up to that date, but really, it would too too cruel because there is no time machine to date.

But I'm sure you'll get done.....all that is feasibly possible.....and Christmas will be wonderful......... and your family loves you anyway.....