Friday, December 22, 2006

She smiled on me

The knitting goddess. Swift has been her wrath in the past, and now gentle and warm are her blessings.
Yesterday, I felt a weight lift when I said I couldn't finish Tendrils. DH and I have been in a rough patch since just before we left to visit the MIL, and it's just gotten worse. The stress of the holidays, MIL being ill... and then apparently, once, I jokingly said, "I'd rather knit than have sex" and he didn't get the joke. And he thought I meant ALWAYS. (While I don't remember saying it, I can see how it might cause hurt feelings.)
So, yesterday I didn't knit a stitch, by conscious decision. I made my boy some apple slices and went to fold laundry. While I was putting his clothes away, he came in and crawled up on my lap and hugged me, and just stayed there. And for once, I was paying attention and let him hug me as long as he wanted. (This turned out to be half an hour at least.) I wasn't worried about this or that or finishing Tendrils or wrapping Clapotis. I just got to hold my boy while he wanted some snuggles.
Later, after DH got home, I made some good hot chocolate with real chocolate and eggs and milk and cinnamon. (The eggs sound gross but that's what makes it rich and frothy.) We sat by the fire and had hot chocolate, we relaxed, we went to bed early and got actual real sleep. Real sleep rocks.
And the reason I think the knitting goddess was involved? Normally I see my aunts maybe twice a year, if I'm lucky. Always around Christmas, but any other time during the year it's by chance. I had resigned myself to having to mail their knits and not getting to see them open them. Yesterday, there was an invitation for a surprise party for Uncle N, Aunt C's husband. Thrown by Aunt H. I get to see them again in two weeks. Two weeks, I can do. I appreciate the lesson, and I appreciate the reprieve.
Tonight, pizza and hot chocolate with good friends, followed by some Christmas-light viewing, and maybe a little knitting by the fire. But just a little.


Margene said...

Thank you for sharing the gift of perspective. We often get so wrapped up in our knitting (and blogging) we forget to be in the moment. May you have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with your family.

jessie said...

Hooray! I was just about to comment that Margene would be proud of your zen-ness, and lo and behold, who left the first comment?

You don't need too many special moments to help you let go of the stress. Just one hour of peace is good for recharging the batteries. But if you can find more, all the better.

Happy holidays, Tendrils or not. :-)

Lynn said...

Aaaaw...there IS a goddess (as if there were any doubt).

That actually brought a tear to my eye.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Lene Andersen said...

That was lovely. It's so great to once in a while just STOP and be in the moment.

Happy holidays!