Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yarn Drawing Boxing Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, whether you celebrate it as a holiday or not. (There are worse ways to spend a Monday than not working.
Anyway, today is the day I intended for Bug to draw a name for the yarn.

slips of paper

I decided that he would draw two, since I have two colors of yarn. (I got some other yarn for my own red scarf donation.)

two names

I did not actually wait for him to chew on them, as he selected the names while he was eating his bananas at breakfast.


Unfortunately, the two commenters who were selected left no way for me to contact them. Would Hypatia and Patty (not Patricia, sorry) contact me and gimme your info please?

In other news, we had a wonderful, if slightly hectic, Christmas. I am glad to be home, although the bits of wrapping paper and the lights look a little gaudy in the post-feast light of day. Now I get to spend the next year atoning for this season's excesses. Just like last year.


Norma said...

What? No comments yet? Must be Hypatia and Patty are off on vacation. :)