Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thanks Lynn, I knew you'd come through for me with a well-placed Bitch in the comments. (See, Lynn loves me!) Hee hee.
I am tired. So tired, there are no words.
So I'll tell you all about it.
Last night was the first night in his young life that we allowed Bug to cry it out in his bed. He did so, with gusto, from about 2:30am to 3:02am, on the nose. (I looked at the clock when the deafening screeches stopped.) This after about half an hour of on again, off again whining. Then the darling boy slept until almost 7am this morning. I would have found that extremely pleasant, except that I was supposed to be at work at 6:30 and I had to wake him to dress him for school. Someone PLEASE tell me this gets better, because OY. During that half an hour of screeching, we also indulged in a lovely hissed argument, where the words "sadist" and "child abuse" were hurled at me in a fit of exhausted crabbiness. In DH's defense, he would likely not say such things during the day, but at night, his mouth hooks into the part of his brain that only knows his exhaustion, and usually in the morning he has no recollection of talking to me at all. (I say "likely" because, well, he's a guy, and you never can tell about their judgement.)
Really, I know it has to get better, because it was my pediatrician and his wife who recommended this path to me (after 15 months, Bug sleeping in our bed and nursing all night to put himself back to sleep wasn't working for me). My pediatrician and his wife used this tactic on their first, and not only did it not kill them, they went on to have and/or adopt seven other children. This may speak to their mental state, but they seem so normal in all the other ways. In the meantime, DH will sleep in the camper. Bug's screaming I can handle - the midnight fights I cannot.
During the actual pleasant part of the evening, during which we watched our show (Criminal Minds), sat in front of the fire, and relaxed while I knit and Bug played with his blocks, I got a good bit done on Clapotis. I think I have less than a repeat left before I start the decreasing, so having the knitting finished this weekend continues to look like a possibility. I might even have time to weave in ends, although I do hope to get many many naps. Of course, I have to go to Circuit City on Friday, so this may all be moot - I may not survive the crowds.


Barb said...

Shades of deja vu! My number one was not only colicky but had his days and nights upside down. There came a time when it was him or me! It took 3 nights. Night number 1 was the hardest, 30 min. to the second! Then 15 min the next night, then sleep!!!After awhile I stopped standing in the hall wondering if he was okay, listening for breathing:)