Monday, April 30, 2007


That chocolate thing on Friday didn't last long. Once I remembered I'd forgotten it, I realized that those two sad little voices were the remaining two chocolates, feeling unloved. I couldn't have that.
This weekend was a really nice one. Lots of running around and errands done, but also coffee on the deck and homemade pancakes for breakfast. Coffee on the deck (after the Bug begged my first latte, I poured it in his sippy and fixed myself another one) with knitting.

Where's my latte?

Mad Weave sock, A Piece of Vermont superwash in Blue Columbine

Saturday we had a midafternoon thunderstorm, months earlier than we usually get them. It cooled everything off, knocked the dust out of the air, washed the leaves of the trees and plants, and scented everything wonderfully. There was even some spinning of the neon egg-dyed fiber, but I only have a picture pre-spin.

I wear my sunglasses at night

The purple/blue/green/yellow one makes me think of tie-dye, and I am deeply entertained by it all. I feel like plying it with something, so I need to think about what to use. I managed to dye up quite a bit of roving in that "colorway".

Sunday the Bug practiced his dirt-kicking:


And he practiced his hissy-fitting:


I grocery-shopped, grocery-shopped, and grocery-shopped. And shoe-shopped. And knitted a little. (Picture the mad-weave sock with a few more rounds.) This week, starting on the Hogwarts swap, thinking about the Sockapalooza swap, and spinning some more, I hope...