Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some fun things

Last post I said I had fun things to post about. Blogless Lynn (GAWD that woman needs a blog) thought I was being coy. She knows the secret fun thing.
First, I will show you my Mad-tini socks. I figured they look like Easter stripes so I will wear them tomorrow.


My sister is having a dinner, and DH feels good enough to go and is no longer contagious, so we're going to go and The Bug will get to see his aunts and uncles, and Grampa! YAY.
Next, I'll show you the fun little thing I got from Grafton Fibers. Yummy yummy roving. Corriedale, some color I don't remember that didn't look like that on the monitor. (They're uploading new fibers, so I can't even look it up.) So soft.


And now, my new toy.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Ashford Traditional, probably about 25 years old, brought home today. It needs oil and love, but I am equipped to provide those. The Bug loves it. Climbed up on the seat and played with all the knobs. I can't make the wheel go in a full circle - I think that's the lack of oil. I am thrilled, and a little intimidated, but YEEHAW, y'all.
(I added oil where it said to add oil, and it runs like a dream. YEE. HAW.)