Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hold on to your butts

I don't know where that quote came from, but in my head, it's something Samuel L. Jackson said. Maybe Jurassic Park, I dunno. Anyway. You know those days where you're pretty sure you should just stay in bed, for the safety of yourself and those around you? Yeah, well, I'm having that month. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have gotten out of the house this morning on time to save my life, and then I discovered I'd locked the door behind me and left my keys on the table. Sigh. Fortunately, almost all our neighbors have a set, because we are keyless more often than we'd like to admit. (I keep trying to leave a hidden key outside so I don't have to bug my neighbors to get in my own house, but DH keeps giving it to whomever is feeding the dogs on any given weekend. There are about 247 copies of my housekey in existence, and I have exactly ONE.)
Anyway, the weekend was a good one - we visited stepdaughters and wandered around the humid swamp that is Oklahoma City. Actually, that's just my bad mood talking - aside from the disturbing lack of anything more than 12 feet tall, it's a very lovely place. Lots of greenery, lots of trees and grass and flowers and birds, etc. I saw my first lightning bugs, which are completely freaking amazing. The Bug loved them and would have sat there in the damp grass for hours if I'd have let him. (I wasn't willing to sacrifice myself to the mosquitos.) I even got to sit on the porch swing and swing and knit all by myself, watching the birds and the breeze and the bugs, and it was everything I'd imagined. (Oldest SD lives in an oooolllldddd house with a beautiful yard, in a neighborhood full of old houses with even nicer yards than hers. You couldn't beat the view with a stick.)
Not a lot of knitting done, but what I did do was good - great yarn with a great pattern makes for soothing knitting. Sadly, no pictures.
I have so much on the needles right now that I feel like I need to make a schedule or I'll never get it all done. To that end:

Tuesday:blue Vermont socks or feet of argyles
Thursday:eyelet cardigan
Friday:whatever I feel likeElizabeth reminded me I forgot Faina
Saturday:shrek lace, argyles
Sunday:shrek lace, blue Vermont socks

(Anybody know why all the extra space appeared above and below my lil ol' table? Erm, nevermind, I figured it out.)

Now, I know that I am fickle enough that if you tell me I have to knit one thing, I'll want to knit anything but. So I make the caveat that I only have to finish one pattern repeat (or two inches of stockinette on sock feet) before I can pick what I want to knit. Most of these don't even have deadlines, but I feel at lose ends and can't seem to make progress on any of them, so I'm taking drastic measures. Maybe Lene would make me a spreadsheet...

And now, for your comments about how cute my kid is viewing pleasure, I give you the Muddy Buddy.

You can't embiggen this one, sorry.

And this one, because I think it's completely adorable.

Embiggen all you want.