Monday, May 14, 2007

Más messes.

The argyles have been in timeout all weekend. Every once in a while I'd think nasty thoughts at them. (I would have given them dirty looks, but I can't remember where they are.)
On Friday I got a wild hair, and dove into this new project without thought for time frame or knitting/planning abilities. My coworker has been diagnosed with two kinds of breast cancer (who knew there were TWO kinds?!) and had a mastectomy last week. Prognosis is good as her lymph nodes were clean, but I felt like I wanted to send her some knitted comfort anyway. I got the idea to get a skein of Sea Silk and pull a Grumperina. I do not own Victorian Lace Today, nor do I have any desire to. I could not find a free pattern online or a pattern in any of the books I do own that I liked, that would be suitable for one measly skein of sea silk. (I found lots of lovely patterns, just not The One I Wanted.) I decided to make it up.
I got out my little BW #1, found the pattern I wanted, and charted it. When I was almost finished with the chart, I hit the wrong key and changed everything to the same symbol, and it was one of those No Undo functions. Drat. I fixed it, made a copy so it would be two repeats wide, and tried to knit it. Took me all weekend to work out the bugs. Tried to modify it a little, and made BIG mistakes. Ugliness ensued. Behold, I have created the only lace in the world that looks reasonably okay unstretched, but is TOTAL ASS when pin-blocked. On top of that, I'm still not sure the pattern I picked is open enough to allow for a decently sized scarf with only 438 yards to work with.

Ass-tastic lace. Oh yeah, and I can't count.

No way I'm posting that all pinned out. It's heinous.

I took a break to have a Mother's Day celebration that included this:

Fresh berries make it all better.

and some of this:

This photo utterly captures the essence of my son.

and a little of this:

I'm glad no one takes photos of me looking like that.

Lastly, Blogless Lynn (not Ulster Lynn) is on notice: quit finding more hobbies for me, dammit.

It doesn't help that you can't make ugly beaded stitch-markers. Damn.