Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My husband is the awesomest of all, and other things

See what he built me?

Favorite coffee and knitting spot

See what I get to put on it, when we find some planter boxes to hang from that new happy railing?

Random assortment of purdy flowas.

See the gate that latches (with a lock) so the Bug can't get to the pool?

Foiled again!

It's okay to be jealous.

Kristen asked how the tie-dye roving is spinning up. Well, besides slowly and unevenly, this is how it looks.

Suddenly I crave chocolate bunnies.

I LURVE it. I think I want to ply it with navy blue. Anyone know how to make navy with koolaid?

Here is my mad weave sock, in Jessie's brilliant hand-dyed yarn. Go there. Buy some. Ask her to dye some in your favorite colors. Tell her you covet her yarns. (And her farm, and dye studio, and talent, too.)

Yarn + Pattern = True love

Last but not least, I have cast on for my Hogwarts sock swap pal. I can't tell you how entertained I am by the fact that this ribbing is knitting up at 11 stitches to the inch. I feel like I'm making doll clothes. I'm easy sometimes, I guess.

Tiny ribbings, oh how we miss you Don Ho.

And now, for the requisite Bug photo:

Oh how I love my green blankie.