Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday is the cruelest day.

On Monday, you're still a little fresh from the weekend (or at least, your exhaustion is countered by all the fun you had). Wednesday is the tipping point of the week, heading into the weekend. Tuesday just sucks.

However! Mondays are for spinning, and spin I did. Do I have pictures? Why, yes I do! Did I upload them this morning before leaving for work? Why, no I didn't!
The spinning isn't terribly great anyway. It's been (yikes, really?) almost a month since I had a chance to spin on the wheel, and it shows. I got out the greens I dyed to ply with the easter egg stuff and spun away. Somewhere I got it into my head that I would finish the whole bobbin last night and still have time to ply. Uh huh, yeah. Not so much. I tried to rush it, and broke the singles a zillion times, and made a mess. I know I can do better if I just slow down. Maybe when I do the second half of the bobbin I will remember that.

I did knit yesterday, too - it was a fibery kind of day. Over the weekend I knit the new possible Hogwarts colorway and decided I wasn't happy with it. The colors of Judy's Ball and Skein (maple leaf colorway) are so vibrant and rich, and have such depth, that it made the Lorna's look positively dull. So, I went back to the cursed yarn. I decided that a week in a ziploc baggie was enough to drive out the demons, or at least shame the yarn into submission. I cajoled it with the promise of a newly-learned jogless join courtesy of TechKnitter (who is that woman? She's brilliant!) I promised that they'd be the first to try out the little sockie stitch markers from Blogless Lynn. I promised they'd be first on the blog today. The Lorna's and the Addis were placated and decided they would work with me.

Hogwarts Mad Cows.

Do please compliment them, so their good behavior will be rewarded. (Not for me, no no no - it's all for the yarn and the needles. It's all about them.)

I got a little more work done on my Swallowtail. I probably could have finished two repeats yesterday, except I took up the time needed to knit one repeat trying to figure out what drugs I'd been on when I knit the last row yesterday morning. Whatever they were, they musta been powerful. Anyway, fixes are fixed and all is well again.

Sweet little baby shawl.

Over the weekend, DH finished the drywall on the ceiling of my dad's patio. Bug wants you to know how much he helped Daddy.

Mixing the mud.

Daddy says, if you're working, you're gonna get dirty.