Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just another manic... Thursday?

Doesn't have the same ring, does it?
Well, my life has exploded. MDC (most despised coworker) is moving away. HOORAY! To another whole continent! HOORAY! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to hear the crunching of the granola all the way from Thailand. BUT. I got two of her products to support. That brings my total up to SIX. Soon, one of those will go away, and I will have all kinds of free time, because I will only have five. eyebrow Assuming I still have a job at all. Sigh.
DH is in the construction business. He vacillates between "YAY, I'm going to make so much money you can retire and we'll pay off the house in five years" and "OMG, we're going to be in the poor house and I have to find new jobs NOW - how do you feel about Las Vegas?" Sigh.
Someone told the Bug that it was okay to be terrible because he's two. Sigh.
At least the knitting is okay. The eyelet sweater is an insanely enjoyable knit. I'm getting a little bored after 23 inches, but I'm almost finished with the back. I think I have about three more inches to go. It's quite pretty, and I am looking forward to wearing it. The Cheshire Cat Stole is breathing down my neck, though, and the pink cashmere is whimpering when I get near it, asking to be cast on. I have decided I will allow myself to start it when the back of the cardigan is finished, before I cast on for a front or sleeves. I have a small hope that I will get it finished for Christmas so I can give it to MIL. I got the bicone beads (a deep glittery rose that I absolutely love, despite my general aversion to pink) so the only thing stopping me is willpower. Willpower is not my strong point, so I need to finish up the cardigan back soon.
Anyway, yes, I said it. Christmas. It's coming. Fast. Next week is the end of September. (How the hell does that happen? Sheesh.) I have very modest plans for crafting this Christmas. One stole, several knitted wire candleholders like these, and a quilt. The quilt top is completed, and only needs quilting (by machine, I'm not totally out of touch with reality) and binding. I think I can do it. Time will tell.
Bug thinks it's all good.